Why buy a remanufactured product?

Minimise downtime and maximise cost savings with a remanufactured part

Why buy a remanufactured part?

We were founded in 1993 by a team of engineers who saw the benefits that remanufacturing would bring to their customers.  Over the last 25 years we have developed a huge technical expertise in understanding how the parts we remanufacture can be returned to the condition in which you first bought them.

Through our remanufacturing process you can access significant cost savings.  Our remanufactured parts offer the same reliability as new parts but cost less.

We completely disassemble, clean and examine your components for signs of damage and wear. Damages are fixed and any missing or non-functioning parts will be replaced or rebuilt to ensure a fully working part is delivered back to you.  

We can restore almost any CV component back to working condition - this unique service provides our customers with up to 70% cost savings when compared to the investment of new OEM replacements.

Our remanufacturing process can also save you time.  The remanufacturing process on our standard parts is less than 8 hours.  We offer a vehicle off the road service where we will aim to fix and dispatch your part within a working day.

Remanufactured parts are also significantly better for our environment.  It uses less raw materials, less energy and also results in a lot less waste.  In fact a committed remanufacturing program will be something that helps your business deliver on its CSR Agenda. 

We have combined this technical expertise with a passion for customer service and quality management.  Our production control software will track your part from the moment you send it to us, through the remanufacturing process and then being dispatched back to you.

In the unlikely event of a fault we will investigate the fault, determine the cause and see if our remanufactured process can be improved.

Quality and service are so important to us, these form the basis of how we set targets for our management teams.

Combining our technical expertise with a focus on quality and service has allowed us to build an enviable customer list.  We provide remanufactured parts to 12 of the top 15 Bus and Coach groups in the UK.  We also provide these services to a significant number of national commercial vehicle operators.


Give one of our team a call or send us an email and we will talk you through how we can help you.