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Part numbers: GO-CART 24V



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GO-CART 24V      

12v version avaiable at £1195.00 + vat

Ultra powerful dedicated 12V or 24V DC start cart built into a heavy duty trolley and designed for repeated engine starting synonymous with auction house's and car supermarkets or for the starting of large plant.

  • 2600 peak amps
  • Sealed lead acid AGM battery
  • Detachable 1000A croc clip lead set
  • 10A external charger
  • Fused output
  • Reverse polarity audio warning
  • Voltage spike suppression PCB
  • Heavy-duty push/pull isolator switch

 Product Information

The ultra powerful Go-Cart is available as a dedicated 12V or 24V DC start cart. Configured for 24V, the cart is designed for the multi starting, or sustained cranking, of large commercial and plant engines. However, configured for 12V, the cart will repeatedly start 12V engines, synonymous with auction houses / car super markets, on a single charge.

The Go-Cart is fitted with high capacity, maintenance free, 45Ah dry cell batteries capable of delivering massive cranking power, making them ideal for maintenance operations such as fuel bleeding, oil pressure build-up, tail-lift cycling as well as frequent engine starting.

The batteries are isolated with a heavy-duty 1000A key switch isolator and the output is protected against short circuit, or excessive engine cranking, by a 750A external fuse.

The standard 2m, 50mm2 highly flexible output cables terminate with fully cast 1000A braided croc clips, ensuring an equal power delivery with minimal volts loss. The cables are detachable to allow for easy storage or replacement and the cart is supplied with a 10A, 3-stage external charger.

Optional accessories include bus plug (cowbell) lead sets, a powerful 24V inspection lamp and an ‘on board charge kit’ (OBCK) to allow the pack to be charged via a 12V DC vehicle cigarette/auxiliary socket. Longer lead sets are also available.


All Features

  • High powered sealed lead acid AGM battery
  • 10A 3-stage external charger
  • 2 x LED battery status display
  • 2m (6ft) detachable lead with 1000A croc clips
  • Tough steel case with integrated trolley
  • Foam filled tyres
  • Audible reverse polarity warning buzzer
  • Voltage spike protection PCB
  • Auxiliary socket for charging and plug-in accessories
  • Heavy duty push / pull isolator switch
  • Removable rear panel for easy maintenance
  • 750A fused output protection

Technical Specifications

Peak amps


Nominal voltage

24V DC

Standing voltage

25.6V DC

Amp/hour capacity

26 Ah @ 10hr rate (20°C)

Fuse rating


Operating temp

-40°C to +45°C (-40°F to 114°F)


Powder coated mild steel with foam filled tyres

Automotive cable

2m (6ft) lead set with 1000A croc clips


12V 10A 100-230V AC / 50-60Hz external charger


H 1070mm (42in), L 560mm (22in), W 370mm (15in)


50kg (110lb)

Supplied with:

2m Croc Lead             110/240V Country Specific Input Lead             Mains Charger

2m Croc Lead                     Charging Lead                   Mains Charger


Optional Extras:

Cowbell/Bus Plug Lead          obck          2m Croc Lead            

Cowbell Lead                     Charge Kit                          4m Croc Lead  


Suitable for:


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