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Alliance Transport Technologies SUPER CAP Boost Pack

The super capacitor battery-less boost pack from Alliance Transport technologies uses the very latest in capacitor technology. It is lightweight with a fast recharge and zero maintenance in comparison to other battery boost packs on the market.

Large range of NEW Powervamp Jump Start Packs in stock. We also repair all makes of Portable Power Packs. Alliance Electronics supplies a wide range of new & Remanufactured Electrical and Electronic parts that are used in the Commercial Vehicle Industry which help keep running costs to a minimum. Our Business is keeping your vehicles on the road.

Powervamp Appoints Alliance Electronics as its Exclusive UK Automotive Distributor.

Powervamp automotive jump-starters to be handled by Alliance Electronics – Exclusive UK distribution deal marks launch of new phase for Powervamp

Battery jump-starter packs for the automotive industry from leading supplier Powervamp Ltd will in future be sold and supported in the UK under an exclusive distribution arrangement with Alliance Electronics Ltd, a specialist in vehicle electrical and electronic systems based in Derbyshire. Powervamp is one of the pioneers of reliable, high-performance engine jump- starter battery packs for road vehicles and plant equipment, which it has been manufacturing at its plant in Weston-super-Mare, for more than 20 years, and will continue to manufacture under the new arrangement. In the years following the launch of its original automotive range in the early 1990s Powervamp expanded rapidly into the aviation industry, and has become a world leader in ground power systems. That market has become increasingly the main focus of its business.

 Powervamp founder and chairman Richard Roller explains: “We wanted to ensure that we could also maintain and build on our established presence in the automotive market, and decided that the best way forward would be to entrust our sales, marketing and technical backup to an established specialist in this field.  Alliance Electronics was the obvious partner for us.” Alliance, a company founded around the same time as Powervamp, was already a distributor for Powervamp products, and the two companies had formed a close working relationship.

Under the new arrangement, Alliance will assume sole responsibility for Powervamp’s automotive range. Manufacture and development of Powervamp’s automotive products will continue to be handled by Powervamp at Weston-super-Mare, and Powervamp will retain commercial relationships with a few key automotive customers, but all other day- to-day business on Powervamp’s automotive side will now be channelled through Alliance, including repairs and refurbishment. “It’s an ideal arrangement Powervamp is extremely well known in the automotive trade as a high-quality, durable premium brand. Every fleet operator needs an engine starter, and Powervamp is the natural choice. We see significant opportunities to increase Powervamp sales under the new arrangement.”

Alliance Electronics has built up a reputation for its reliable, rapid and responsive maintenance and refurbishment service for vehicle electrical and electronics systems, often providing faster turnround at much keener prices than vehicle manufacturers and original equipment suppliers. Among its key service features, it offers a full twelve-month warranty on all aspects of the systems it repairs, not just faulty components. The company has been growing continuously, and is currently taking on new customers at the rate of a hundred a month.

Powervamp engine-starting battery packs are among the best-known and most highly regarded in the automotive industry, and are found in truck, bus, car and plant equipment workshops throughout Britain and overseas. Countless fleet operators, vehicle repairers and commercial garages keep at least one Powervamp unit on site for starting vehicles with flat batteries, and they are standard equipment in many breakdown recovery vehicles. Most Powervamp automotive units are hand-portable over short distances, and models with trolleys are also available. Versions are available for 12-volt-, 24-volt and dual-voltage use, and the range extends from units suitable for starting cars and light vans to units capable of starting maximum-size trucks, buses and plant machinery such as cranes and excavators.

 A single Powervamp unit can perform multiple engine starts from cold, and the Powervamp units themselves can be recharged from a standard mains electrical supply. The high-performance batteries at the heart of each unit can be recharged repeatedly for many years without suffering any degradation in performance, and will hold their charge almost indefinitely between uses. Because they are ‘dry cell’ lead acid, they can be carried safely at any angle without risk of spillage or other damage.

Customers visiting the Powervamp web site ( will continue to see the automotive range listed there, and can click through to Alliance Electronics’ Specialist Portable Power Packs web site ( to follow up or order products online. Callers telephoning Powervamp’s sales office will be transferred seamlessly to the Alliance sales office for their enquiry to be processed. The arrangement with Alliance Electronics covers Powervamp automotive units sold within the UK. Existing arrangements for distribution of Powervamp automotive products in other countries are unaffected.