EC50.22-C VOLVO I-SHIFT Gear Box Lid

Full Recondition of your VOLVO/RENAULT I-SHIFT Gear Box Lid -

Price: £785.00 + VAT

Part numbers: VOLVO PART NUMBERS 22106416, 20551313, 20816880, 21327979, 20816874, 21571886, 20817637, 7420562056, 20562056 WABCO PART NUMBERS 421 36550000, 421 3650020

ALLIANCE Part No. EC50.22-C


Full Recondition of your VOLVO / RENAULT I-SHIFT Gear Box Lid  -  B, C & D Specification

Full Recondition of your complete unit  (Top & Bottom Sections)  £785.00

We can recondition just the TECU (Top Half) £485.00

or the Actuator (Bottom Half) £385.00

Fitted to VOLVO / RENAULT Bus, Coach and Truck

This is a repair service, we can collect your 


No reprogramming charges !!

Reconditioning your original VOLVO / RENAULT Bus, Coach and Truck Gear Box Lid  off your vehicle saves the added expense & time of having to have it reprogrammed to your vehicle.

"While U Wait" Service Available

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