Alliance Electronics supplies a wide range of new & Remanufactured Electrical and Electronic parts that are used in the Commercial Vehicle Industry which help keep running costs to a minimum.
We Remanufacture just about any electrical or electronic part on a Commercial Vehicle. We will also  collect any of your own parts free of charge (mainland UK only) and aim to turn them around Remanufactured the following day.  
Alliance Electronics parts will give you peace of mind that you have a quality remanufactured part supplied with a 12 month warranty and have minimised downtime and maximised cost savings.



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Bus and Coach Parts
Electronic and Electrical Parts for Buses and Coaches

V32.B7 VOLVO B7 Dash Cluster 70361837
V8 Volvo Warning Indicator 3031291

V18 Volvo circuit breaker 0333 301 009 V24A Master switch relay 9518350
COL8C Volvo column switch 8158723 COL8 Column Switch SWF 201-627 
V1F Volvo air condition PCB 027034A V1Y Plaxton heater control 006335A 
EDC1 Electronic diesel control unit Bosch EDC 0281001209 0 281 001 209 
V15 Volvo Pedal Pot Type 445 805/3/1 V15 Volvo Pedal Pot Type 445 805/3/3
V15 Volvo Pedal Pot Type 445 805/3/7
F21.2V VOLVO Flasher 1079476 24V
PLAX1 Plaxton door control complete UKV272 025767B
OPT6 JOUCOMATIC Valve R4600028
PLAXEXC Plaxton Excaliber Door controller UKV286 EC65 Bosch 0501100013
Volvo 3112823 KNEEL1 BOSCH Kneeling Unit 0 504 004 105
ALD1 Aladin Unit DENNIS 655706
V24 Master switch relay 8151943 D1E Dennis Dart dash PCB 657347 
D1E Dennis Dart dash PCB 657519 D1E Dennis Dart dash PCB 658480
D1E Dennis Dart dash PCB 659290
S.12.1 Dennis speedo 653804 S.12.2 Dennis speedo 656129
S.12.3 Dennis Speedo Latest Type 658178 D5A Dennis Fuel Gauge 656132 
D5D Dennis Dart Gauge Air 1 656130
D5E Dennis Dart Gauge Air 2 656131 COL10 Dennis col switch 201-246 Long Loom ACT3 ACTIA Multiplex Unit - INPUT / OUTPUT 
M32 Mercedes Atego Dash Cluster A000 542 72 01 
M32.2 Mercedes Dash Panel A000 446 44 21 
M33 Mercedes Fuse Panel A000 543 96 15 A001 543 20 15
DE5 Deans Door Ram/Motor LA30 / 30S DE2 Door Control Camis DC 24 15 PFT 
M40 MERCEDES Speed Switch 2158 - 23 - 00 - 24
WW1 Wash Wipe Unit 5WG 002 450-15 5WG 002 450-19 
VM2N MERCEDES Demister motor BOSCH 0 0130 063 - 039 
COL9 Mercedes column switch 201-682
V16.1 Throttle Motor 0 206 002 027 F21 Flasher unit 4DJ 003767-007 
S32 SCANIA Dash Cluster 489021 110.008.838/002 
PLAX8 Plaxton Heater Dash Control Board A114009 - 16 
R101 butec Regulator R101 R102 butec Regulator R102 R104 butec Regulator R104 COL1/2 Column Switch ACU1420 COL8CN Volvo Column Switch 202-340
COL-MAN Col Switch For MAN HLS202.876 203-117 M1 Master Switch CAV 444D EC1 CAV Engine Stop Solenoid 263A-31 EC2 CAV Engine Stop Solenoid 263A-47
EC3 CAV Engine Stop Solenoid 263A-23 TEL1 Telma Retarder Control 3036099 TEL2 Telma Retarder Relay JD332121